AduroSmart is simple and easy to use but we know that people always have a few questions. We’ve included the most common questions here, and our Customer Support team is always ready to assist if you need further help

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What is AduroSmart ERIA?

AduroSmart ERIA is a smart home system with smart lights, smart sensors, wireless controls and other devices.

How do I set up the ERIA Hub?

Set up your hub by first plugging it in and connecting it to your LAN network using the included cable. The LED will be solid green if connected successfully. Connect to the hub using your AduroSmart App.

The ERIA Hub is blinking blue or red.

If the light is blinking red, it means the hub has not been successfully set up. Check that the hub is connected to the router.

How do I reset the ERIA Hub?

To reset your hub, simply hold down the button on top of your hub until the light turns solid red. The hub will then reset.

Adding Devices

What devices can I connect with the AduroSmart ERIA Hub?

The AduroSmart smart home system uses ZigBee protocol to connect to additional devices. All our devices including lights, sensors, and switches can all be seamlessly added to the hub. Additionally, all ZigBee certified devices will be compatible with the AduroSmart system.

Can I use ERIA lights without the app or hub?

Yes. However, you will not have access to features such as dimming, color temperature, or scenes. ERIA bulbs will operate as simple non-smart bulbs with default settings.

How do I reset my ERIA lights?

To reset the lights, simply put them back into pairing mode by switching them on and off 5 times.

How do I reset my ERIA dimmer switch?

To reset your dimmer switch, hold down the two middle buttons until the light flashes green. A red flash indicates an unsuccessful reset.

How do I reset the ERIA sensors?

In order to reset the door+window sensor or window sensor, use the provided pin to press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

Compatability with 3rd Party Systems

How do I connect a Sylvania/OSRAM bulb to my AduroSmart Hub?

To connect your Sylvania bulb to the AduroSmart Hub, first reset the bulb. You can do this by turning the bulb on for 5 seconds, and then turning it off for 5 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. After the 5th time, switch the light on and wait 10 seconds. The light will then blink to confirm that it has been reset. After it has been reset, you can pair it to the AduroSmart Hub.

Can I use ERIA lights with Philips Hue or other ZigBee platforms?

Yes, ERIA lights are fully compatible with all ZigBee certified platforms including Philips Hue and Sylvania Lightify.

To setup your hub with Philips HUE, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your Philips HUE app.
  2. Tap on "Settings" on the bottom right.
  3. Select "Light Setup"
  4. Select "Add Light"
  5. Select "Search" Note: The Serial number feature is exclusive to Philips HUE devices.
  6. Once the hub is searching, switch the ERIA light on/off 5x until it blinks 3 times. This indicates pairing mode has begun.
  7. The light should then show up within the app.

Can I use ERIA lights with HomeKit?

At this time, our lights are not compatible with HomeKit.

Can I use ERIA products with SmartThings?

ERIA lights are not directly compatible with SmartThings. However, they will work if first added to Philips Hue.

Currently, only our sensors can be directly paired to the SmartThings hub.

Our dimmer switches do not support any functionality with SmartThings.

Can I use ERIA devices with Wink?

Only our door+window sensor is currently compatible with Wink.

Do ERIA lamps work with ECHO plus and do I need a gateway?

Yes, ERIA lamps work with ECHO plus and no hub is required.

How do I connect ERIA devices to a 3rd party platform?

To add ERIA devices to 3rd party platforms, reset and put the devices in pairing mode using the same instructions as above. Afterwards, follow the instructions in the 3rd party app to add them.

How do I add more devices through IFTTT?

Sign up for an IFTTT account to add "If This Then That" tasks to your smarthome.

How do I pair my ERIA dimmer switches with the Philips Hue Hub?

  1. The Philips Hue system blocks our device from showing up within their app. However, the dimmer switch can still be added. It will pair, however it will not show up within the app.
  2. If the remote is paired with the bulb before being paired with the hub, it will steal control of that bulb from the hub. Therefore, the remote must be paired to the hub first.

There are 2 ways to pair the remote in a way that it will allow the hub to control the bulb in tandem with the remote.

The first way is to pair the remote directly to the hub using the Philips Hue app. To do so, make sure the bulb is already paired to the app before continuing.

  1. Under “settings” within the Philips Hue app, select “Accessory Setup”.
  2. Select “add accessory” at the bottom and select “Hue Dimmer Switch”.
  3. From the two options that it offers you, make sure to select option 1. Then select the green “LED blinking” option on the bottom.
  4. Reset the remote by holding down the two middle (arrow) buttons, if reset successfully the LED on the remote should blink once.
  5. Then pair the remote to the hub by placing it in proximity to the hub whilst the hub is searching and holding down the off (circle) button for 10 seconds until it blinks green 3 times. If it does, then the remote is paired to the hub even if it does not show up within the app.
  6. The remote can then be touchlinked to the bulbs it will control without stealing control of them.

Additionally, the remote can also be touchlinked to the hub to pair it, and then touchlinked to the bulbs similar to the above steps. Either one of these should work.

General Troubleshooting

Where can I go for help?

Our app can help with detailing the install and reset processes for all devices. You can also select "help center" under settings in the app. For additional support, you can contact our customer support via phone or e-mail.

Where can I buy AduroSmart ERIA products?

AduroSmart products are currently available online through NewEgg or Walmart.

Does the ERIA smart home system keep working when the internet is down?

The system requires an internet connection to perform cloud functions. But some basic functions will still be available without a connection.

What is the battery life of the ERIA wireless devices?

ERIA devices can last for 2 years or more on a single battery.

Which devices are compatible with the ERIA hub?

The following devices have been tested with the ERIA hub and are certified to work.


-Commercial Electric Temperature Lights

-Philips Hue White

-Philips Hue Color and White

-Philips Hue Ambiance

-Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

-Philips Hue White Ambiance

-Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip Plus

-Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp

-Sylvania ZigBee Dimmable White

-Sylvania Lightify Adjustable White

-Sylvania Smart+ ZigBee Full Color Lights

-OSRAM Lightify Lights

-Sengled Smart LED Soft White

-Sengled Color Temperature Lights

-Sengled Smart LED Multi-Color

-IKEA Dimmable Lights

-Cree Connected Soft White LED Bulb

Lighting Remotes

-GE In-Wall Smart Switch

-GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer

-GE Plug-In Smart Switch

-GE Plug-In Smart Dimmer ge

-Leviton DL6HD-1BZ Lumina

-Leviton DL1KD-1BZ Lumina

Sensors & Detectors:

-Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensors

-Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensors

-Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensors

-SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor 3.0

-SmartThings Motion Sensor 3.0

-SmartThings Water Leak Sensor 3.0

-Sylvania Lightify Motion Sensor

-Climax Smoke Detectors

-IRIS Door and Window Sensor

-IRIS Motion Sensor

-IRIS Smart Plug (110V & 120V)

-IRIS Flood Sensor

-Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor

-Centralite 3-Series Motion Sensor

-Centralite 3-Series Micro Motion Sensor

-Centralite 3-Series Door Sensor

-Centralite 3-Series Micro Door Sensor

Outlets & Sockets:

-Samsung SmartThings Outlets

-Sylvania Lightify Smart Plug

-Sengled E1C-NB6 Smart Plug

-Nexturn Smart Plugs

-Centralite 3-Series Smart Outlet (Type G)

Smart Locks:

-Yale Lock Assure

-Yale Security

-Yale Real Living

-Yale Assure SL Lock Touchscreen with Zigbee

-Yale nexTouch Push Button Lever with Zigbee

-Yale nexTouch Touchscreen Lever with Zigbee

-Yale Assure Lock Key Free with Zigbee

-Yale Assure Lock Push Button with Zigbee

-Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen with Zigbee

-Schlage Connect Zigbee Smart Lock


-Centralite Pearl Thermostats


-Centralite 3-Series Appliance Modules

-Centralite 3-Series Lamp Module

-Centralite 3-Series Door Sensor

-Centralite 3-Series Micro Door Sensor

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